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How It Works

Image by Gabriel Jimenez

Subscription Options: 

Monthly Subscription- $25.00 + $3.25= $28.25


Annual Subscription- $275.00 + 35.75= $310.75 (1 month free ) 

What can I put in my compost bucket?

Generally everything you can eat is a helpful guideline. 

Things that we do take:

  • Meat & bones

  • Salads with dressing, bread, coffee grounds in paper filters, pits and seeds

  • Houseplant trimmings

  • Pet food

Things we don't take: 

  • Diapers

  • Pet feces , no cat litter

  • Plastic wrap or labels

  1. Sign up and receive your bucket

  2. Fill the bucket with kitchen and compost waste

  3. We pick up your filled bucket and leave you with a clean one every week

Your compost journey is circular; from your home to our farm and back as compost for your gardens and community projects. 

Thank you for your support!

We just love the service and people who make this work.
We know it’s an easy way to keep waste down with a family of five that does a lot of cooking at home! 

Cassandra Bennett, Almonte, Ontario

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